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Nov 1, 2012 11:00am EDT
in the new york area and that area around new york city. president obama saw the damage on the jersey shore. during the tour, the president pledged support along the long haul. >> sandy brought flooding and now it's causing gridlock. this is the long back up of cars trying to get into the city this morning. drivers had to go through a police check point and prove they had three people in the car. it was encouraged to encourage car pooling. >>> closer to home, martin o'malley got a firsthand look at the impact of sandy on the eastern shore. he stopped in a bayside home yesterday. they toured flooded roads and houses. they looked at the damage to the town's water which is a hub for crabbing and the town's economic lifeline. >> out of this loss and out of this damage, we can build it better and stronger and to with stand the bigger storm events we are going to deal with for the forseeable future. >> o'malley visited residents in a shelter and went to ocean city to see the flooding and damage to the town's iconic pier. >> turning to the weather, rain falling in areas, a bit of a drizzle. >> a l
Nov 7, 2012 11:00am EST
. it's a wide area. it's snowing from massachusetts into connecticut and areas north of new york city. moderate snow is falling in parts of new jersey. it looks like the moisture cranked inland. we could have the moisture make it to the metro area. not a lot of it. not much in the way of problems for us. here in northeastern maryland there could be as well as northern delaware. the philadelphia area could get quite a bit of snow out of it. we'll keep you informed about that in the afternoon hours. doug and veronica will be here. we'll have special updates to watch the progress of the storm. the temperatures are well above freezing. low to mid-40s. the road temperatures right now around 40 degrees, so that is really a mitigating factor for precipitation that falls. a winter weather advisory for northeastern maryland. a winter storm warning for northern delaware, new jersey and philadelphia where they could get four, five, six inches of wet snow later today. for us, i don't think it's going to happen. hour-by-hour, might have a few flakes falling by 2:00. late afternoon and the evening
Nov 5, 2012 11:00am EST
this morning. it's the first day of class for students in new york city since sandy. this morning, new york city subway system is running at about 80% of its normal service. new jersey's transit agency tried to run emergency bus services but had to shut down because of overcrowding. the agency says it's several weeks away from full restoration. if you're heading north, amtrak service will be limited today between washington, new york and boston. that's because crews are still repairing the damage caused by sandy. amtrak is telling passengers to make reservations by phone or online to avoid soldout trains and long lines at ticket counters. >> hurricane sandy is making it extremely difficult on the new york state board of elections. they're shipping generators out to polling locations that are still without power. the board is expecting a low turnout. less than 25% rejgistered voter. the news comes as new jersey's board of elections announced it will allow residents to e-mail their votes in if they cannot get to a polling station. >>> right now, montgomery county council president roger bette
Nov 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
between d.c. and new york city this morning. amtrak's president hopes they will be able to resume service between new york and boston later today. they are in talks to borrow trains from canada to provide more service to hard hit parts of new jersey and new york. there's progress in new york's flooded subway tunnels. crews are slowly getting the water pumped out. there's still no word on when service through lower manhattan is expected to be up and running. the entire system is running on limited service. >>> the largest marathon in the country, the new york city marathon will go on as planned sunday morning. this has become a big source of controversy. the group in charge says they turned the event into a fund-raiser to help the victims of sandy. some says it trivializes those there. there will be a 20% drop off from last year due to the storm. the thing about the storm, it runs right through manhattan. >> that race. >> that race. that marathon runs right through manhattan, just where the storm ran through. >> i think it goes through owl five burros. a lot of folks think it's a good idea
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am EST
to arrive in new york city in awhile. here he is leaving washington as he prepares to meet with first responders on new york's staten island. he will evaluate recovery efforts. >>> closing arguments are expected in the trial for a bowie state student. dominique frazier was stabbed to death. alexa was acting in self-defense. they got in a fight over loud music. a friend of the victim testified frazier hit simpson and simpson had a knife and may not have meant to cut frazier. they claim simpson was bullied and asked for a new roommate before the deadly fight. >>> first pay raises in four years. it comes after months of tense negotiations. they owed it to them. the average raise is 8%. some are as high as 12. it will cost the county $8 million at a time when the county is projecting a $125 million budget short fall. the county acknowledged they could use a reserve fund to pay for the increases. we are going to take a look at the forecast to see how things are looking out there. >> are we going to get increases in those temperatures anytime soon? >> hey, tom. >> we'll take any increase we
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am EST
't receive them until january 2nd. sake sex couples wanting to marry after new york city brought in $250 million during the first year that couples could wed there. >>> meanwhile, the first new jobs to come from the passing of question 7 in maryland could be available soon. owner of the new casino say they are planning to hire hundreds of people. the maryland casino expects to hire new people to handle table games. prince george's county should have a casino by 2016. mgm wants to build one in national harbor. i want to check with tom on the forecast. warming up yet? >> i can't believe you are making me stand out here. >> believe it. believe it. >> i'm wearing a warm winter coat under a blue sky with nice sunshine. not too bad. the wind is still a bit blustery. take a look at this live view from the city camera. look at the flags flapping in a stiff wind. the wind has been gusting to around 25 to 30 miles an hour the last several hours. it's going to continue into the afternoon as we begin to clear out from west to east and getting increasing sunshine and we are going to have that with us
Nov 13, 2012 11:00am EST
. ideas for the reception of our winter wedding. stay with us. >>> lawmakers in new york city will vote on $500 million of repairs to the city following hurricane sandy. the money would go to installing new electrical systems and repairing roofs across the city. mayor michael bloomberg says the city spet $130 million in storm related emergency relief. he said the city will keep rationing gas for now because it helps cut down massive lines. there are around 19,000 people without power, two weeks since the storm hit the northeast. >>> sandy caused plenty of problems. now it's ruining christmas for some. the storm destroyed more than 3,000 trees. the owners have refunded more than 70% of their orders including trees for the u.s. botanical gardens. it's cost them $40,000 so far. >> stops in early trading on wall street. let's check in with jane wells. she joins us with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> let's look at the markets right now. the nasdaq finally moved in positive territory. dow up 56 points. nasdaq up about one. the president is meeting with top business lead
Nov 6, 2012 11:00am EST
. >>> it's not going to be an easy day for voters and election officials in new york city and new jersey with many areas without power because of sandy. but, the board of election officials are doing what they can in both states. in one new jersey county, ballots were delivered to emergency shelters. they signed an executive order to allow them to cast ballots at any location in that state. let's check on the traffic. >> danella sealock, what's going on out there? >> watching i-66. an earlier accident eastbound at nutley. here is a live look. fairfax county parkway to get to the beltway, it will take 14 minutes. good news if you are traveling i-270. you are nice and clear. no accidents or major delays. crossing over the bridge, nice and clear. back to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> metro is apologizing for a snafu when they set their clocks back over the weekend. trains stopped running an hour earlier than they were supposed to because of the time change for daylight savings. that left many out in fact cold late at night without a way to get home. metro issued a statement apologizing fo
Nov 9, 2012 11:00am EST
frustration in new york and new jersey after a snowstorm hit the east a week and a half after the storm, the record breaking snowstorm is adding to the power problems. 200,000 new power outages were reported. andrew coma is accusing them of being unprepared and badly operated. chris christie said it should be fixed by saturdays. >>> the new system has rationing. drivers can buy gas on alternate days argument their license plate number. >>> we are going to go outside and check with tom on the forecast. sounds like a good one. >> are you feeling good out there? >> i am. invigorating. we have a chill in the air. most of the time, there's not much wind. once in awhile there's a gust of wind up to 20 miles per hour. you'll be glad you are wearing a carp coat. temperatures, reagan national is in the low 50s. the view from space showing a clear sky here thanks to high pressure over the region. keeping us dry through the weekend into the first part of next week. temperatures right now, the areas in green are climbing into the 50s. out of the mountain, still in the 40s. here is the four day fore
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9